New info regarding Canada Post

On June 15th the labour dispute between Canada Post and the CUPW escalated to a full lockout and Canada Post announced that mail will not be moving until further notice.

The lockout impacts all Canada Post domestic, US and international shipments, as well as shipments into Canada via foreign postal carriers such as USPS or Royal Mail.

Sellers who have not yet shipped items that have been paid for are encouraged to work with their buyers to discuss potential alternate shipping options. Sellers who are willing to offer courier services, such as UPS, FedEx and Purolator, are also encouraged to modify their listings to offer these additional options and clearly call this out in their item descriptions.

We are putting messaging in place to alert buyers to the situation, and implemented a message in feedback flows to remind buyers that shipping delays due to labour disputes are not within a seller's control.

As we announced June 2nd, we will work closely with the Seller Standards team to protect Canadian sellers from lower performance ratings received due to postal disruption-related issues.

This is an unfortunate and frustrating situation for all of us. While we hope for a quick resolution to the lockout, we will do everything in our power to help and support Canadian sellers through these difficult times.